Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

  • Personalising Your Farewell: Exploring Creative Options For Pre-Arranged Funeral Services

    When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, traditional funeral services often follow a set format. However, many people are now seeking ways to personalise their farewells and celebrate life in unique and meaningful ways. Pre-arranged funeral services offer an opportunity to plan and customise your farewell, ensuring that it reflects your personality and values and the impact you've had on those around you. 1. Theme-Based Funerals One way to personalise your farewell is by choosing a theme that reflects your interests or passions.

  • Forever Remembered: The Timeless Beauty of Memorials and Memorial Stones

    When you lose a loved one, it is important to find ways to honour their memory and keep their spirit alive. Memorials and memorial stones are a timeless way to create a lasting tribute to your loved one. This article will explore when they are appropriate, the options available, the process of getting them and how funeral homes can assist you with them.  When Are Memorials and Memorial Stones Appropriate? 

  • 6 Rituals You May See During an Asian Funeral

    Most people are familiar with the typical funeral rites here in the West. However, funerals in Asia are often quite different. If you've never attended an Asian funeral before, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are five rituals that are commonly performed during Asian funerals. Read on to discover more. 1. Washing and dressing the body    The first ritual during an Asian funeral is the washing and dressing of the body.

  • Four Reasons That Cremations Might Be Right For Your Loved Ones

    Cremation is a way to honour the memory of your loved one while also providing peace of mind that they are being cared for properly. This can help you and your family move forward with comfort, knowing that nothing has been left to chance. Here are four reasons that a cremation service might be right for your loved ones.  1. Cost Cremation is often more affordable than traditional burials, and the cost of cremation can be reduced further by choosing direct cremation.

  • What Should You Put on Your Loved One's Headstone

    If someone in your family has recently passed away, then you might be in the process of shopping for their headstone. After all, if you are planning on having your loved one's body buried instead of cremated, then you are probably going to want a headstone that you can set up in the cemetery. There are many decisions that have to be made when you're purchasing a headstone. You must choose the size and style of the headstone and the material that it will be made from.

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    Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

    Losing a child is the hardest thing anyone could ever go through – I know because it happened to me. Through the grief, I had to find new ways to breathe, to function and to live. Of course, I also had to plan a funeral and memorial service for my child. If you have lost a child or a baby or had a stillborn, you have probably shared many of these feelings. If this has just happened to you, you may be wondering what to do next. First, I extend my sympathy, and secondly, I offer you this blog to help you grieve and help you understand the basics of funeral planning. Take care.